Jo Di graphics started its digital journey as a Greek website (https://jodi.graphics) in 2013.

The English version, which you are visiting right now, was introduced at the end of 2018 as a result of the growing non-Greek audience of the initial website.

The main purpose of both Greek and English websites is to present in an aesthetic and fully comprehensive way the current political, economic, and social status of the countries of the world.

To achieve that, tons of data from institutions around the world are gathered, analyzed, and visualized mostly in graphic designs or videos. Charts, maps, raw data, and a short analysis are used on the process of presenting this information.

At the end of every article, that covers a specific subject, the source of the data is there for you to search any further.

About the creator

Jo Di – this is me 🙂 – is the creator, editor, author, graphic designer, video editor of both websites.

I was born in 1982 in Volos, Greece and I’ve studied dentistry in Thessaloniki, Greece.

As a result of the Greek financial crisis in 2010, I’ve decided to move to The Netherlands in order to practice dentistry here. I have lived and worked as a dentist in Groningen and in The Hague the last 9 years.

Since 2019, I have decided to stop working as a dentist and I am currently looking for ways to turn this into a real job!

Media Inquiries – Proposals

To request an interview or if you want to work with me, please contact: Jo Di at the following e-mail: en@jodi.graphics

Find me on Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoDiGraphicsEnglish
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoDigraphicsEN
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jodigr69

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